Skin Care

Your skin is the largest organ in the body, it has amazing qualities and certainly is the most abused and damaged organ. In the last 60 years, the cosmetic industry has seen massive growth as it develops new creams and lotions containing some chemicals now found to be harmful to your body. There is a growing body of medical and scientific evidence that is questioning the use and impact of many of... READ MORE

Cooking Oil

Lighter with a more delicate flavour than roasted hazelnut or extra virgin olive oil. 100% Pure Tonde Gentile hazelnut oil, no roasting or additives. Use with meat and fish dishes, fresh cheeses, soups, raw vegetables, pasta and risotto. Excellent in sauces and salad dressings. Revered for millennia by the Chinese, Greeks and Romans. Today, leading chefs and gourmets worldwide use it to enhance... Read More

100% Pure natural Italian BioDynamic hazelnut oil

Good for dressing, good for eating

Pure, virgin hazelnut oil, no roasting or additives

Pressed and bottled at azienda agricola ApeNocciola BioDinamica

Hazel e oil is made from 100% Hazelnuts grown and pressed on the farm. Hazelnut are shelled, the kernels pressed and oil extracted. Nothing added or removed, The natural quality of the fruit and the rhythms of nature are complied with a light extraction.

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Hazele oil is a very versatile product. We currently supply Hazele products for cooking and skin care and we’ll be adding body and face scrub products soon.

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Find out more about the latest Hazele news and where you can come and meet us.

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